March 28th, 2017
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"The measure of a persons life is not the stuff they leave behind but the deeds they have done! This wealth can be determined only if the deeds are recorded" (An unknown person said this).

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Practical Comparison: You could be paying a lot more for things a whole lot less important.

We know you want everything for free, But consider what your existance past death is worth to your family. NOW, look at what people pay for something of no true value.

Netflix - $8.99/month - $9.99/month

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Cmylife-Life Time Membership is peanuts in comparison! Consider this a gift for your loved ones.
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We have history because stories were written. Example: What do we know about the Incas, Mayan or American Indian's culture? Very little, even though it was wiped out a few generations ago. NOW! Who is Cleopatra, Mosses, Solomon, B. Franklin or even Anne Frank? Lucky for her loved ones she figured it out, she was what,10? These people wrote their stories and we have them today in some cases thousands of years later for those who have an interest in reading them. Verbal history fails us, written lasts forever!

This site is very user friendly. It is our gift to your family. You are your families "Celebrity."

More than 6 million Jews died in the 30's-40's WE KNOW ONE! ANNE FRANK - WHY?

Your story is unique! The cumulative effect of every persons story on this site, regardless of whether or not you think it is of no interest, believe us; it can have a lasting affect on a total stranger. Your life story may impact today or some date in the future, a total stranger or possibly your own family member. We know, you may think nobody cares. YOU would be- SO WRONG!

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Your story, memoir, or autobiography is extreamly important!
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Your Stories can Trascend Time

Genealogists take note! The links you will notice among the stories here will help our members descendents find a complete family history. You can create a link to any family member.

Embed photos from your permanant gallery within the story itself for they ad graphic details making it come to life. Your pictures! You will see (PIC) wherever you insert the photo pertaining to your story. Never worry about the loss(FIRE,FLOOD,OR KIDS)of your photos again. They are available to your whole family now with meaning!

If you currently have a family story that is writen, register the author and upload the story here, for permanent accessiblilty for the whole family. NOW THAT IS A GIFT WORTH GIVING!

The concept of took hold when a good friend, Craig Lickner, passed away with little warning. It was much too soon; he was only in his mid-50s. Our neighbor shared many stories he may have wished to tell or pass on to his descendants. They were not recorded! The knowledge and wisdom he might have contributed here expired with him. Our hope is that all baby boomers, especially, will not allow their parents to leave this world terminating their knowledge and wisdom. If you have parents or family members in a Hospice or Retirement Community work with them now to preserve those precious memories. Archive those memoirs here.

It is now your turn to "PAY IT FORWARD" and leave a legacy of love.

CMYLIFE Inc. will pay for indefinite storage of your story/photos a true autobiography.
You will help all future genealogists with actual facts about a time in your life when...

Inspire future generations.

Memorials- Those that collect the most banners, well maybe, they were loved the most? If you find a lost loved one show them you care. Place a plaque in their memory above their story. It's your right to remember them. Now is not the time to be shy tell them you loved them in your own words then register and post friendly commentary.

Archive your photos so there are no arguments as to who gets which. They are now available to all family members, FOREVER!

Record health issues for future descendants. The list goes on and on... Do you need... More ideas or reasons for making this site your own?

Lets face it, we are All TERMINAL! Please take a moment and look at what is made available for your family here.


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